Summer Camp

Summer camp registrations are now open!

Camp Lango is a terrific way for kids ages 6-12 to learn Spanish while enjoying summertime fun. Campers spend the week immersed in an exciting part of the Latin American world. This summer's “Adventures in Peru” will teach children about Machu Pichu as the Lango kid explore the rain forest while learning about animals, plants, bugs, and the indigenous people of Peru. Campers will participate in art, dance, music, yoga, games, and story reading. Lango campers spend each day moving from one activity to the next, including special "No English!" times, designed to provide an immersion experience while still allowing for a ton of fun. A week at Camp Lango is guaranteed to boost your child's new language ability.

Lango Asheville will be conducting a summer camp in Spanish at Emmanuel Lutheran School. Our storybook will be "Aventuras en Peru-Adventures in Peru." ThIS camp will teach students about  the Peruvian culture and Machu Pichu. Each day campers will participate in art, music, yoga, games, and storyreading as they learn about the culture of Peru and its people while also learning Spanish.

Lango's camp at ELS will be held the week of June 19-23, cost is $225 per student. For more information about Lango's camp at Emmanuel Lutheran School and to register please visit the school's webpage at:

Adventures in Peru- Camp Schedule

Below is schedule of what a day will look like at Camp Lango

9:00-9:10 am Arrive at Camp Lango
A camp leader bids students Bienvenidos and leads them into their Peru adventure.

9:10-9:25 am Welcome and Name Chant 
Lango's mascot el perro Cosmo welcomes all campers to Camp Lango! We’ll all sing Buenos Dias, the good day song, and learn how to introduce yourselves in Spanish.

9:25-9:35 am Yoga for Kids
Children will learn stretching movements, breathing and balance while reviewing the body parts in Spanish

9:35-9:45 am Cultural Studies
Camper will learn about Peru, its indigenous people and the Inca culture. Note: this section will be conducted in English

9:45-10:15 am Silly Spanish Games
Animal Charades, Inca to Inca, Spider Crawl Relay – a rainforest full of fun activities.

10:15-10:30 am Snack and Bathroom Break

10:30-10:45 am Storytime-Adventures in Peru
Students will hear about Cosmo and the Lango kid’s adventure in Peru by hearing the teacher read the book in Spanish.

10:45-11:00 am Spanish Songs
In one huge group, we’ll sing – and act out – some of Lango's favorite Spanish songs.

11:00-12:00 pm Group Craft Activity
Working with their team, campers will create Inca masks, Machu Picchu canvases, and Llamas toy. they will also learn about circle loom weaving and about creating miniature versions of the Nazca lines.

12:00-12:55 am Outside Camp Games
All the favorites: tug of war, water balloon race, the cat and the mouse parachute game... and of course students will learn to say "Hurray!" in Spanish.

1:00 pm Adios and release



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