Spanish, French, and Chinese language classes for children 18 months to 12 years!

When you teach your child a new language you open them up to a world of possibilities! Our classes teach children a new language in an immersion-based setting using songs, stories, games, movement, crafts and cultural learning! Our teachers will be using a variety of proven methods to teach kids to understand – and ultimately speak – a foreign language. Each week our classes will be structured around the “adventures” of Cosmo and the Lango Kids (Luc, Lucia,Wen,and Mrs.L). These stories,illustrated in our Adventure Storybooks,extend into the classroom through our theme-based music,adventure learning challenges, and problem-solving activities.

Does it work?

Definitely! In fact, studies have consistently shown that the best time to begin learning a second language is as a child. The younger the learner, the more likely he is to acquire the language with an authentic accent and to retain vocabulary and grammatical patterns over time.

Children who learn a language at an early age are more likely to:

  • Develop native pronunciation
  • Express themselves creatively in both their first and second language
  • Perform strongly in school and on standardized tests
  • Understand other cultures and abstract ways of thinking
  • Become bilingual or multilingual, offering global career opportunities down the line
Studies have also shown that foreign languages are best learned when taught in the target language, and we strive to make use of that practice at Lango Asheville.


How much will my child learn? 

Every child learn new languages at different rates. They must be given time to absorb, process, and eventually understand and articulate a new language. Of course, the speed at which a child learns a language will also depend on their amount of exposure to the target language and the amount of support they receive at home. We provide parents with updates and information about class content and ask that they support learning at home by:

  • Registering to Lango's online resource center
  • Reading Adventure Storybooks with their child
  • Playing their class CD at home and in the car and singing along
  • Playing with Memory Flashcards
  • Using key vocabulary frequently at home during their child’s daily routine

With fully bilingual or native teachers leading classes, your child will begin to understand words first, then phrases, then sentences. After several sessions students will also begin to answer simple questions, followed by speaking in short phrases, and then at some point they will have the confidence to engaged in simple conversation – and be on their way to becoming multilingual.

Who we are

Lango Asheville is a member of the Lango Language Cooperative. The Lango Language Cooperative is made up of individual business owners across the country providing unique language learning opportunities for kids. Our members provide classes for kids in schools, after-school programs, day cares, community centers, their own schools and studios. The Co-Op provides an opportunity for language learning through online support materials at LangoKidsOnline.com


Various locations throughout Asheville and Buncombe County.

Don't see your school? Contact us and we'll do our best to bring Lango to your child's school.




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